What is TRICARE Prime

TRICARE Prime is a “managed care” health plan with a network of local, civilian health care providers and facilities. Members choose a network primary care provider (PCP) who provides most of their care and coordinates referrals to specialists and hospitals. Benefits include coverage for routine doctor visits, specialty care, hospitalizations, urgent and emergent care, preventive health care services and prescriptions. Covered services that are provided  by network PCPs, specialists, and health care facilities are covered at no or low cost. (The US Family Health Plan also has a Point of Service option that allows members to seek care outside the network, but at higher cost.)

Why choose the Martin’s Point US Family Health Plan?

With the Martin’s Point US Family Health Plan—one of the top-ranked plans in the country—you get complete coverage with a lot of extras, including:

  • No enrollment fees for active-duty family members; low TRICARE Prime enrollment fees for retirees and their families
  • No deductibles or cost shares for preventive services in network
  • Large network of civilian doctors in your community
  • Value-added services like discounts for eyewear, hearing aids, and fitness centers
  • Easy referrals to specialists—your primary care provider will handle the paperwork 
  • Annual physicals, laboratory tests, prenatal and postnatal maternity care at no additional cost
  • Excellent health care and customer service

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