“I am Suzanne and this is my story.”

After a life spent in frequent relocations as a military family, we (finally!) put down permanent roots in New Hampshire. At this stage in our lives, we knew we wanted more than basic TRICARE coverage and decided to join the Martin’s Point US Family Health Plan after attending one of their informational seminars. Their plan not only offered the benefits we wanted at a very low cost, but, just as important, it was the first time we actually could put a face and voice to our health plan. Just as we were meeting neighbors and building a support network in our new home, Martin’s Point offered us the same connection and support in our health care.  To Martin’s Point, we weren’t just customers, we were valued members. 

What has most impressed me as a member of Martin’s Point is the treatment I receive from my Member Service team—they are a quick phone call away and always willing to listen and help, no matter what the need.  I remember calling one morning in a mild panic because I was about to have a procedure and wasn’t sure if it would be covered.  I reached someone right away; she was so kind and made sure I had accurate information quickly, even double-checking to make sure. I think she was more excited than I was that the procedure was covered and there would be no issue or delay for us. We shared that moment of mutual celebration, and I knew then that I was covered, not just in terms of our insurance, but by having someone in my corner. At Martin’s Point, I’m not just a number on an insurance card, I am part of the Martin’s Point community.

My name is Suzanne. I’m a member of the US Family Health Plan in Strafford, New Hampshire, and I am Martin’s Point.